Branding, Identity, Packaging
For over 150 years, Ladurée, a famous pastry shop in Paris, has maintained its reputation with consumers as a luxury brand specialized in high quality cakes and pastries. The shop achieved rapid success in 1930 when Pierre Desfontaines, the second cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, decided to take two macarons and gently sandwich them together with a pastry filling. They decided to call this invention the double–decker macaron and it is now the product they are known for, responsible for the majority of their sales.
            The strategy for this rebrand was to maintain certain familiar attributes of the original identity like its sophisticated and elegant formality, a strong logo, and a quality packaging system, while easing the brand into a new, contemporary form through simple art direction that existing customers would find agreeable.
            A modern, classical serif typeface combined with a script based on 18th century, rounded hand lettering preserves the value of tradition and brand legacy. A white and gold packaging system illuminates and complements the macaron in any flavor and color while reflecting the quality of the product.


© Cate Watchman

    Selected Work 2018